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(left to right) 2nd – Greg Henry (Corunna, ON); 1st – Paul Lemelin (Sudbury, ON) and 3rd – Kyle Charron (Barrie, ON) ©Lois Siegel

25th Canadian Grand Masters Anniversary Competition
Saturday, August 23, 2014
Algonquin Commons Theatre / Algonquin College, Ottawa

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This year’s competitors are: (listed alphabetically by last name)

  1. Kyle Charron (Barrie, ON)
  2. Jane Cory (Saint Norbert, MB)
  3. Amélie de Arcos (Moncton, NB)
  4. Véronique Demers (Winnipeg, MB)
  5. Tristen Durocher (Meadowlake, SK)
  6. Julie Fitzgerald (Bancroft, ON)
  7. Tom Fitzgerald (Bancroft, ON)
  8. Kai Gronberg (Mission, BC)
  9. Jaylee Hebert (Lutes Mountain, NB)
  10. Greg Henry (Corunna, ON)
  11. Raymond Knorr (Regina, SK)
  12. Alex Kusturok/Lamoureux (Winnipeg, MB)
  13. Paul Lemelin (Sudbury, ON)
  14. Janelle Melanson (Moncton, NB)
  15. Danny Perreault (Granby, QC)
  16. Martha Pitre (Shediac, NB)
  17. Ben Plotnick (Toronto, ON)
  18. Eric Provencher (Oshawa, ON)
  19. Micki-Lee Smith (Fort Saskatchewan, SK)
  20. Lucas Welsh (Osler, SK)
  21. Roxanne Young (Calgary, AB)

Finalists: (by ranking)

  1. Paul Lemelin (Sudbury, ON)
  2. Greg Henry (Corunna, ON)
  3. Kyle Charron (Barrie, ON)
  4. Eric Provencher (Oshawa, ON)
  5. Julie Fitzgerald (Bancroft, ON)
  6. Tom Fitzgerald (Bancroft, ON)
  7. Ben Plotnick (Toronto, ON)
  8. Alex Kusturok/Lamoureux (Winnipeg, MB)
  9. Martha Pitre (Shediac, NB)
  10. Janelle Melanson (Moncton, NB)
  11. Jaylee Hebert (Lutes Mountain, NB)

Guest Artist:

Patti Kusturok & Louis Schryer

Junior Showcase:

Brendan Chartrand (Minnedosa, MB)
Lia Gronberg (Mission, BC)
Emma March (Pembroke, ON)

People’s Choice:

Danny Perreault (Granby, QC)

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Denis Lanctot


André Brunet (QC)
Brian Hebert (ON)
Mark Sullivan (BC)

Master of Ceremonies:

Gordon Stobbe (Halifax, NS)